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by CK

a night of reality check

September 18, 2013 in Reality TV by CK

This blog couldn’t have come in a perfect time. Here I am browsing through my TV guide so I can set up a series recording of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, I also notice that X Factor 2013 has already started and airing tonight is Auditions 3. Whaaat??? Where have I been? Oh yeah, working my ass off. :)

In addition, we also have Big Brother 15 Finale following Survivor… I’m looking forward to the finale of Big Brother, for three reasons.

1. It’s finally over, what started out as a promising and exciting season, turned into just a bland, full of hate, and predictable season.

2. Watch Julie Chen be Chen Bot for the last time this year.

3. I’m looking forward to how  Amanda, Gina Marie and Aaron reactions to the news that America hates them, almost as much as America hating on the newly crowned Miss America.

Soooo excited … this will truly be a night of reality check.

by CK

dancing with the stars season premier

September 17, 2013 in Reality TV by CK

So another late night and while I’m doing some work setting up some campaigns for tomorrow, the famous ABC show Dancing with the Stars season premier is on…

I like my fair share of Reality TV but this is a show I normally don’t watch. When I think of Dancing with the Stars, I normally think of B sometimes C list celebrities or better yet, ‘What they’re celebrities?’ And most times that seems to be the case, this season is no different…

So as this show plays in the background, while I focus on not making any mistakes on my work, I can’t help but find something amusing about a former Save By The Bell Star, trying to dance her Showgirl image away, and a former Disney High School Musical Star Corbin Bleu, unfortunately can’t seem to follow into the footsteps of his former co-star Zac Efron, trying to claim he is a better dancer than what he showed us in the awful but watched it twice High School Musical :)

DWTS Cast Seasons 17Then you get some celebrities who think, they’re a better person because they’ve joined the show… Snooki is no longer Snooki… huh what? I still have no idea what her name  is, Ok, fine I barely recognize you since you didn’t get punched out on national TV or flaunting your fat ass.

Oh and how can I forget the awesome, awkward, I feel bad for his dancing partner Bill Nye the Science Guy…. Man, I really really feel bad for his dancing partner Tyne Stecklein, who by the way is also a first time on the show, she has a short life span… sigh.. Oh well moving on.

Now let’s get to the surprising celebs… Amber Riley, aka, Mercedes from Glee… Yeah, I was like huh? Why dancing? She’d have a better shot at putting out an album, or at least be a judge on one of the dying singing show…  or better yet, audition for acting roles…  I can see her in other roles, hopefully this show takes her there and not put’s her out of work…

Another surprise for me is Christina Milian, isn’t she employed with Fox’s X-Factor? Or did Simon Cowel fire her as well?

I would write more, but I need to go to bed… Overall, I am actually interested to see how this show plays out and who comes out on top.  My early prediction is that …. Bill Nye is eliminated by the time I edit this post and make it to bed…. :)

by CK

third times a charm

September 16, 2013 in Uncategorized by CK

This blog started back in 2006, when I wanted to take a stab an my own personal online fame… It was successful initially gaining some solid followers and consistent unique visitors. Unfortunately after about a year into it, the blog got hacked and lost all my content. Yes, I was foolish to not back up my database….So after a few months, I decided to give it another try and started fresh again. Unfortunately that only lasted about 9 post before I gave up, and by the time I wanted to get back into it, I had forgotten my username and password and honestly forgot how to even edit, upload and create a site.

So years later, I am attempting it again for a third time… Why? I have no real idea as to why, maybe because things in my life have changed and I want to chronically log them, maybe because in my own little crazy mind I still believe that I can make it in this saturated blogsphere… who knows?

Whatever the case is, I am back….

Now some of you might ask, what this blog talks about… Honestly I’m just going to post nonsense things that I enjoy in my personal and professional life. My close friends will describe me as someone who enjoys many things and can’t seem to focus on a few things.. Haha … So some of my topics will include  Reality TV, lots of Reality TV. Yes I love me some Big Brother and Survivor. (OMG excited for this Wednesdays BB season finale and Survivor season premier), Oh and I love me some X-Factor, these post will usually just be my thoughts and opinion unedited and unscripted ;)

I’ll also discuss some of my favorite sports. No, not like the traditional major league sports like the NBA, NHL or NFL… More like Gymnastics, Figure Skating, Tennis, and other World and Olympic sports. Yeah :)

I also love fashion, so I hope to incorporate my personal style into this blog. I am also an animal lover, so you may see from time to time, I may giber non-stop about my dog and cat….

I guess I’ll add some valuable things like, personal finance and healthy living…

And maybe, just maybe I might also share with you my professional experience and share thoughts on management, leadership and some day to day office life…

Well this is a start for now.. and hopefully it’s true what they say… that third times a charm.

Until then, thank you and come again.